Dating is one of the most confusing activities that adults have to undergo every day. It is pricey and costly, especially if you are looking for a life partner. With the current status of the economy, people are always working and have no time for dating. It is for these reasons that the Americans developed online dating systems. It’s an easy way of connecting with other people who are also looking out to meet their love partners. Online dating, therefore, comes as a life savior for most of the users. What makes it terrible is a large number of dating sites available online. That makes it hard to select the best since some of these sites are also a scam. As a result, we dedicated our time researching the best free dating sites in the USA that you can use as a US citizen to find your soul mate.


Although some of the reviews rate at a lower position than Tinder, Bumble has all the features you want. It has a 50/50 percentage for both the females and males. That reduces the chances of sexual harassment between users. It also reduces the chances of double dating. The site is too sensitive to the security of its female users. As a result, unless the woman starts a chat, men have this option blocked. The registration process is easy but also restricted to ensure a balance between the number of men and women using the site. The premium subscription offers you a chance to filter a match’s traits, including their level of education.

Elite Singles

If you value education, Elite Singles will be a perfect choice for you. It is a home for over 5 300 universities and colleges. It’s a site for those in institutions of higher learning and working class. The site offers both free and premium subscriptions. Their free subscription will not expire, giving you a chance to find a match for free. Registration is also free and needs you to submit your name, sex, and age. You can follow them on their web page for a chance to subscribe and try your free trials.


Tinder is like the mother to Bumble. It started in 2013, giving a considerable blow at It comes with its swipe characteristics. Users will swipe through other people’s profiles, and by the use of an X or a heart icon, you can choose a perfect match. You then swipe to the left if you don’t like the person or to the right if you like the profile. You can try a free subscription, which will expire after a while. You can also consider a premium subscription that goes for as low as $9.99 and as high as $19.99. The gold premium goes for a price of $29.99. The main challenge with Tinder is the fact that it has more men than women by a double.

Tinder is also ranked in 41 Best Hookup Apps and Websites 2020 from Social Fish. has been in the market for over 24 years now. It dominated the market until the revolution of the new dating sites such as Tinder and Bumble. Most of its features aren’t attractive to the Millennials, a group that makes up the most significant part of the market. It is a site for more than 30 million US-based users. It also has over 13.5 million visitors each month. It, therefore, gives you a chance of having your profile viewed without many hustles. It offers a variety of relationships, from dating, friends to love relationships. Registration is free, with both free and premium subscriptions.


Initially, dating sites ignored the idea of being gay. As a result, most of them failed to offer this option. In the US, approximately 5% of men are gay. Since not most of them want to come out to the light, a dating site for gays was a lifesaver. The site offers room for both close dates and happy relationships. Their mobile app is available for both Androids and iOS devices. There is also a free desktop version for those with laptops and computers. Zoosk being a site for gays, the page has active users sending more than 3 million messages in a day. You can join them through Facebook. Their subscription is both free and premium.


For the last 15 years, OkCupid has been operating at free charges. It is a service that they promised to maintain forever. The site does also features a unique type of algorithm in matching the singles. During the sign-up process, they collect your data by asking you questions about yourself. After answering the questions, you give them specifications on how you want your desired match to answer the same questions. They also have their mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices.


GirlFriendsMeet is another website that behaves the same way as Zoosk. It is a site for lesbian connections saving them the shame of coming out to the public. They do the matching by considering the interests of their members. As a result, they’ll need you to give them your interests in TV shows, books, music, or movies. The same way as Zoosk, they offer free membership. Here you can test their service quality. You can also consider upgrading your account to premium for better services. They will help you out with the selection, and they assure you of your privacy.

Another alternative for GirlFriendsMeet is Ashley madison, you can read the review from social fish as well.

Final Verdict

Dating should no longer be a tragedy anymore. The internet technology brought about the online dating idea that is saving you a lot of money and time. It is the best way to find yourself a partner, whether you’re gay or straight. The above-discussed websites are among the best that you can consider selecting. Follow the links provided for a chance to see which among them suits your tastes the best. Remember to view your profile security and privacy to avoid publicity.



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